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Fontanini Nativity Sets!Fontanini® is known around the world! Fontanini® offers a variety of nativity set sizes for the entire family. And don't Fontanini Nativity Setsforget... The Fontanini® tradition is that the baby Jesus always comes out of the crib!
The figures are break resistant, and are hand painted by villagers in Italy. Fontanini® is known for quality craftsmanship, and you can always add more figures to your set year after year!

This Willow TreeŽ Nativity Set has been a family favorite since it's inception.
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The Willow Tree® figures present so much emotion and sentiment which is one of the big reasons the Willow Tree® figures have gained in popularity. Click here to see why these figures will be cherished for years to come!
Joseph's Studio has Joseph's Studio Nativity Setsalways been known as having wonderful quality nativity figures and sets.
We pride ourselves in offering a wonderful selection for our customers!
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Joseph's Studio Nativity Set and figures
Fontanini 3 KingsThe Fontanini® figures are all hand painted by villagers in Italy! This is just one of the reasons Fontanini® has become Fontanini Holy Familysuch a family tradition for over 100 years!
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We carry all our products year round including the the Willow Tree® figures here at Willow Tree® Willow Tree Figuresfigures are simple in their appearance, but when you really look at them, they say so much...
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Jim Shores Hermie and Rudolph! Hermie and Rudolph from the TV show, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer!
Who doesn't love Rudolph? Click here to see all the characters that Jim Shore® has created from this beloved Christmas tradition!
American Made Stable with Italian Hand Painted Figures!
This American Made Nativity Stable is combined with Fontanini® Italian Hand Painted Figures.
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The Willow Tree® Willow Tree Nativity SetsChristmas Story Nativity is beautifully done, and it's one of the most cherished items that our customers purchase during the Christmas season!
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Jim Shore Nativity SetWhenever you hear the name, Jim Shore®. you know the items you will receive are quality, and there's a special touch when sculpting items such as this nativity set. Click here to see all our Christmas items from Jim Shore®!
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